Droombos Garden

Our Gardens

Sustainability and co-existence with nature are very close to are hearts and this is what forms the bases of the Droombos experience. Namibia is a dry and arid Country and resources needs to be managed in a responsible manner. To sustain the beauty experienced at Droombos requires mainly three resources and that is water, love and people. People that care and look after the plants, trees and lawns that make up Droombos with great love and affection but this might not be enough.

The other is to manage our scarce resource, water, with the greatest of care.

The first step was to cover all 19 000 square meters of soil at Droombos in one form or the other. This was done to protect against the harsh rate of evaporation naturally experienced in Namibia. Today less than 5% of the total surface area of Droombos is unprotected from the elements. All areas not covered by buildings, grass, paving or plants are regularly mulched to retain moistness in the soil and to create a biodiverse mini ecosystem that attract birdlife and the like.

The owners at Droombos installed and manage a sewerage treatment plant to achieve the best possible standards in effluent that will then be used to bolster existing resources.

Our Fresh Produce

A dream of the Droombos team is to become self-sustainable in fresh produce to the largest extend possible and to support locally produced products to fill the gap.

As a first step we started growing or own vegetables and certain herbs that are already being used in our kitchens. This will be taken to the next level when we will soon be growing a variety of herbs in tunnels, not only for own use, but also for the local market. From May 2021 we will launch a weekly farmers market to support local growers and producers of meat, milk, eggs and the like, to market their produce to the market in a conducive environment. 

The vision is a market that promotes, “locally produced, affordable freshness within a people centric environment”.

This will also create a marketing platform for local people wishing to add value through various methods to create oils, lotions and supplements to promote health and wellbeing in our Country.