Shed’s Garden

Capacity: 1-150 persons

Banqueting Style – 100 persons, Cocktail Style – 150 persons, Chapel Style – 100 persons.

Our Camelthorn Trees – Acacia Giraffe Camelthorn trees are not unique to Namibia but at the same time are very uniquely Namibian. This National tree of Namibia is a protected specie and visitors should take note that these trees may not be damaged. Cut or chopped. Camelthorns are found across Namibia including the Namib Desert and this is made possible by its deep root system that grows to a depth of up to 60 meters. Intelligence is part of the Camelthorns survival kit and it goes into self-defense mode as soon as animals start munching on its leaves. This they do by secreting a sharp garlic-like odor that turns animals off. The tree also warns other trees in the process.

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Children 2-12 years old
Infant's 0-2 years old