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A magical oasis, a sparkling jewel at the foot of the Auas mountains, since 2018 we have carefully crafted Droombos to be the luxury estate that it is today. Made up of the contemporary garden paradise which is Droombos, and the quaint, stone architecture reminiscent of an Italian town which is Vineyard Country Lodge, Droombos is a unique location in Namibia. Whether you are from Namibia or are visiting our beautiful country as a tourist, we cater for your every need. We pride ourselves on providing the finest hospitality experience in the country. We enjoy the rich cultural diversity Namibia has to offer all in one breathtaking spot.
Droombos can be summed up in a few simple words. Great food, good friends, excellent service and a venue and accommodation location out of your dreams.

Arriving at Droombos

Arriving at Droombos, you arrive in a land of dreams. As you wander down the cobblestone paths, you will be greeted by the soft gentle floral fragrances of our breathtaking garden. Our modern take on traditional building methods, paired with the ancient majesty of the Camelthorn trees which watch over a large portion of the estate will transport you away into another world. Upon reaching our reception and restaurant, you step into the ultimate luxury hospitality experience.

These are the elements that cause us to say “Experience Droombos”

Rammed Earth Walls

Our estate is littered with stunning examples of rammed earth buildings and structures. This ancient method of building, dating back thousands of years, remains the most natural and non-toxic means of construction.

The Garden

The Droombos garden is home to several Camelthorn trees, two of which are claimed to be more than 500 years old. These old ladies anchor and stand guard over the “ Camelthorn Garden” and “The Sheds Garden”. In addition to these gentle giants, Droombos and Vineyard are home to a huge variety of other fauna and flora, beautifully decorating the entire estate. As the golden Namibian sunset gently spreads its soft rays of yellows, oranges and reds over the Auas mountains, Droombos Gardens turn into a dusky wonderland that can only be fully appreciated in person.

Our People

People visit Droombos for the experience and the experience is created and maintained by the amazing people who work here. Our wonderful staff are the main reason for Droombos’ culturally diverse flair, its personal feel and the magical sparkle which can only be felt in its atmosphere. No matter who you are, or where you come from, we will make you feel at home.

Our Methods

From the time we started pursuing our vision of creating Droombos as the ultimate luxury estate near Windhoek, we have always taken a hands-on approach. Many hours of personal hard work and care have gone into bringing Droombos to where it is today. Much of the hard work, many of the materials and skills needed to fulfil this tremendous task all came from within the Droombos team and the estate itself. Today, our on-site workshop still is responsible for any care, maintenance and upgrades needed throughout the premises. Additionally, initiatives such as our fresh herb and vegetable garden continue to carry through our methods of creating, crafting and producing what we need ourselves.
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Droombos garden

Heres what others had to say

steve m
steve m
June 23, 2021.
Scenic Gardens & beautiful views We spent the mothers day lunch hosted by Radiowave at Droombos garden and the gardens are so beautiful with lovely views and well maintained. A great place to have the kids playing in the warm Namibian sun
Tulonga N
Tulonga N
February 15, 2020.
Aesthetic Beauty Droombos is such a world of serenity. The aesthetics are like no other. The rooms are well spaced and organized, they offer true luxury and worth every penny charged. The service during our stay was exceptional, the staff was very friendly and helpful. We enjoyed the food too! We enjoyed our stay and would definitely recommend Droombos accommodation to anyone. My husband and I had a lovely stay and will surely return!!! Tulonga Windhoek
Captain C
Captain C
September 24, 2019.
Amazing beautiful Special place I had heard I lot about Droombos a new venue on the outskirts of Windhoek. When arrive you are greeted beautiful green lawns and magnificent trees. This reminds me of a wine estate in Stellenbosch. The decor is tastefully done and clearly a lot of thought has gone into the place. This is most certainly going to challenge the status quo in Windoek. The menu small and delicious, they hired a great Chef and wait staff. Service was exceptional